Say What Now? Naya Rivera Says She Doesn't Shower Every Day & Insists White People Shower More Than 'Ethnics' on 'The View' [Video]

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.57.02 PM While co-hosting The View this morning, Naya Rivera decided to share her theory on the difference in showering habits of “ethnics” versus “white people”.

Naya said:

“I have a theory about showering. I think that white people shower more than ethnics. I think that like showering than like once a day, or like every day is SUCH a white people thing.”

She continued,

“My mom is half-black and half puerto rican, and she showers every day —  so I can say this. But I can say I’m now married to a white man and he showers a LOT.”

Naya then went on to quote some dermatologist who says people are only supposed to shower once every two or three days and insists that because she doesn’t shower everyday she’s “right on the mark.”

Naya, girl — take a shower. Watch the clip below.

She later took to Twitter to joke about her comments.

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