Say What Now? Giuliana Rancic Says She Feels Zendaya's Locs Smell Like Weed + Zendaya Gets Her RIGHT Together with a Classy Response

zendaya oscars 2

Zendaya’s look at the 87th annual Academy Awards was definitely one of our favorites of the night. She wore a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gown complimented with faux locs.

zendaya oscars

Unfortunately, Fashion Police‘s Giuliana Rancic didn’t quite feel the same way about the ensemble.

In fact, the host went on to insult Zendaya (and many others) by saying that she feels Zendaya’s locs must ‘smell like patchouli oils and weed‘.

Fellow co-host Kelly Osbourne chimed in with laughter.

Say what now?

You know that did NOT go over well with audiences. It wasn’t long before Giuliana’s (and Kelly’s) Twitter mentions were in complete shambles.

Zendaya, being the classy woman she is, took to Twitter to give Giuliana one of the classiest reads in recent memory.

She wrote:


Now THAT is how you casually get someone together! Giuliana apologized for her comments.

And Kelly didn’t want to be ‘dragged into this’.

We think an on-air acknowledgement & apology would be appropriate — don’t you?

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