Say What Now? Fight Breaks Out After Customer Head-Butts Walmart Employee Who 'Insulted Her Husband' [Video]


Jessica Albitz is standing by her decision to head-butt then fight an employee at her local neighborhood Walmart over the weekend.

According to Jessica, the worker deserved everything she got after she allegedly insulted Jessica’s husband.

via Click2Houston:

“I hope I broke her nose,” Jessica Albitz said. “I hope she has two black eyes, and I hope she remembers me for the rest of her life.

Albitz said the fight was the end result of bad customer service during a tax session at the Jackson Hewitt location inside a Deer Park Walmart on Friday.

“She started talking trash at my husband,” Albitz said.

Albitz said she returned to the store the next day to do some shopping.

“Her curtain was open about this far, and she mumbled under her breath some profound language,” Albitz said. “I turned around and said something back, and she got out her cubicle and chased me to the entrance.”

“She spit in my face, calling my mother a (expletive). I’m sorry. I love my family and I’m going to take up for my people.”

The employee chose not to press charges against Albitz, but she did get a trespass warning.

“I was willing to take the charges,” Albitz said. “If I were to have charges taken, I would’ve accepted that. For the remainder of my life, I am no longer allowed to go to Walmart on Spencer Highway.”

When asked if she had any regrets over the incident, Albitz responded, “No. If she did it, I would do it all over again and harder.”

Well, from what we saw in that video Ms. Jessica didn’t deliver the beatdown she thinks she did. In fact, the Walmart employee she assaulted let her have it.

Watch below.

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