Say What Now? Baby Goes Airborne After Being Snatched Up By Golden Eagle [Video]

Say What Now Bald Eagle Carries Baby Lovebscott

Bye bye baby! Could you imagine watching your baby get carried off by an eagle?

Canadian eagles apparently don’t share the disposition of Canadian humans, as evidenced by this dickhead eagle that tried to SNATCH A BABY STRAIGHT OFF THE GROUND in Montreal. Fortunately, the eagle was not able to pull off the greatest aviary caper in world history, probably because small humans weigh many more pounds than big rodents. Hopefully for the eagle’s sake, his family won’t be too angry at him after he was unable to provide for them on Reverse Thanksgiving.

Though I’m sure it was terrifying for the child’s father, the good news for the baby is that he’ll always have a snappy retort if any kid in elementary school asks him if his dad ever dropped him on his head.

via Gawker

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