Say What Now? Woman Took a Racoon to the Fire Department for Help Because It Was High on Marijuana

Have you ever seen a high raccoon? Neither have we, but one woman’s pet racoon got stoned and she thought taking it to the nearby fire department for help was a good idea. 

via Complex:

According to WTHR13, firefighters were awakened at 2 a.m. by a local woman repeatedly ringing the doorbell. “As many times as the doorbell on the firehouse was pushed, the firefighters were quite certain that something bad was going on outside,” said Fire Capt. Mike Pruitt. Unbeknownst to him, it was merely a case of a raccoon being exposed to too much weed.

“They could tell that the raccoon was lethargic and met all of those symptoms that we typically run into when someone’s been exposed to marijuana,” said Pruitt. “It really left the guys scratching their heads that someone bought a raccoon to the firehouse at 2 a.m. seeking help, and especially with the condition the animal was in, so we hope that the raccoon made a full recovery.”

What did she expect the fire department to do, exactly? She should have just given the racoon some Taco Bell (or Jack in the Box) and let it go to sleep.

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