Say What Now? Woman in India Reported Missing Found 11 Years Later Living With Secret Lover Next Door to Family

In a strange incident, a 29-year-old woman was found 11 years after a missing complaint was filed by her family.

via: Complex

The Indian Express reports, Sajitha was only 18 years old when it was believed that she fled in 2010 from her village of Ayalur in the state of Kerala. Since she didn’t own a phone at the time, there was no way to reach her, despite the fact she ended up staying in a separate room in the home of her significant other, Alinchuvattil Rahman, a mere 500 meters away.

Even though Rahman shared the home with his family, no one dared to question why he was so adamant that the room stayed locked and no one entered, given his occasional bad temper. “Sometimes he behaved like a mentally deranged person, would turn violent if someone tried to get into his room,” Alinchuvattil’s brother Basheer explained. “He would even take his food in to eat… During the day, as everyone was at work, Rahman and Sajitha would have the house to themselves.”

The two went to such great lengths to protect their relationship because Rahman believed his family wouldn’t accept Sajitha, given their respective religious differences.

About three months ago, Sajitha left her home of over a decade on the same day that Rahman fled his residence following a dispute with his family. This time, a missing person report was filed by his family. The couple went to another village to possibly start anew, but a chance sighting of the two by Basheer resulted in the truth coming out.

We need more information. How did his family not know there was another person living in their home for 11 years? Did she not leave the house at all?

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