Say What Now? Woman Allegedly Shot Estranged Husband After He Wanted a Divorce |

Say What Now? Woman Allegedly Shot Estranged Husband After He Wanted a Divorce

An Arizona woman took the “till death do us part” line of her marriage vows a little too seriously.

via People:

The Prescott Police Department reported in a Facebook post that Christina Pasqualetto had been booked into the Yavapai County Jail on charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, and forgery and theft.

The charges stem from an incident on Wednesday in which Pasqualetto, 62, allegedly drove from Gilbert, Arizona to a Prescott home she previously shared with her estranged husband, Jon Pasqualetto (which he now solely occupies) and shot him, police said.

Pasqualetto allegedly told officers that she arrived at the home shortly before midnight and that they verbally argued about their divorce. Pasqualetto told police in an interview that she did not want to get divorced, police said.

“When he told her that he still wanted to get a divorce and wasn’t changing his mind, she produced a handgun and shot him while he was still in bed,” the department explained in a media release.

After being shot by Pasqualetto, police say Jon, 80, was able to “knock her down,” causing the gun to come out of her hand.

“During that time, the victim did strike the suspect with his hands and elbows to escape the situation. The victim was ultimately able to escape and ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911,” they added in their release.

After police arrived at the scene, it was determined that Jon had suffered a gunshot wound to his wrist and was immediately treated at the scene. He was then transported to a local hospital and later flown to a hospital in the Phoenix area with “non-life-threatening injuries.”

Police say Jon reported that he changed the locks at the home prior to the incident but that keys and “other items” had gone missing. He also told officers that Christina had “stolen checks and forged a check about a week prior for $10,000 and cashed it.”

According to police, a deposit slip that matched the transaction was found in Christina’s purse and she admitted to forgery and theft during an interview with detectives. It is not clear if Christina has legal representation at the time.

She looks like she has no regrets.

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