Say What Now? Raunchy Sex Parties Are Upsetting Neighbors in an Upscale Colorado Neighborhood [Video] |

Say What Now? Raunchy Sex Parties Are Upsetting Neighbors in an Upscale Colorado Neighborhood [Video]

Residents in an ‘upscale’ Colorado neighborhood are upset with a neighbor for having wild sex parties in a home within their community.

They want it to stop.

via NYDN:

An angry resident on Avery Way in Castle Rock, who did not wish to be identified, recently received an invitation to the “Thunderstorm Play Palace” for a rowdy romp complete with chocolate fountains, food and alcohol, according to Fox Denver.

The flyer touts a 7,500-square-foot party venue and a guest list 400 names long. By the start of the week 87 people, including 35 couples, had already RSVP’d for the latest event. One frustrated resident said they’ve seen all different types of people walking in out of the home at all hours.

“Some of them are so old that they struggled walking up the stairs,” she said. “(One) had four crockpots showing up like they’re going to a Bunko party or something.”

Donations are taken at the door — $70 for couples and single men and $20 for women.

The invitation additionally advises attendees to bring their own condoms and to show respect for the “new furniture.”

“I think it’s disgusting,” the resident told Fox. 

She and the rest of her neighbors are growing weary of the late-night festivities and are concerned about children in the neighborhood being exposed to behavior they’ve deemed inappropriate.

But the host, who also did not wish to be identified, said he understands his neighbor’s concerns — which is why he’s taken steps to make sure what’s unfolding inside his home is not visible to passersby.

“There are no open areas you can see outside to have the children or anyone see what they don’t want to see,” the host said, adding that he’s also sound-proofed the residence.

Still, neighbors claim they can still hear troubling noises coming from within the walls of the Colorado mansion.

“You can hear people doing what they’re doing,” one neighbor told Fox.

The event organizer, a father and husband, has alleged that while he’s been made out to be a pervert, that he is actually the victim in the situation.

“There was significant harassment so far I’ve received from the neighbors,” he said.

Officers are currently looking into the sex parties, but investigators have said they’re within the confines of the law so long as they don’t start spilling beyond the host’s property.

As long as the mane isn’t breaking in laws or HOA violations, it looks like his neighbors will just have to deal. You can’t regulate what someone chooses to do within the comforts of his/her home.

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