Say What Now? PE Teacher Banned After Drinking Wine, Flashing Her Breasts at Prom

A PE teacher who decided to get drunk at her school’s prom and flashed her breasts has been banned from teaching for two years.

via Knewz:

According to The Daily Mail, Norfolk, U.K. PE teacher Katherine Lake, 44, admitted she behaved inappropriately at the Year 11 student prom at Reepham High School in Norfolk in June 2019.

Year 11 is traditionally the last year of secondary school for students in Britain.

A disciplinary panel heard Lake drank eight glasses of wine before attempting to sit on a students’ lap. They also heard she smoked a cigarette with another student.

The PE teacher even flashed her breasts while posing with five students in a photo booth at the prom, the panel heard.

Lake admitted to the bad behavior but said she couldn’t remember what happened that night because she had drank eight glasses of wine. The panel heard that she drank almost an entire bottle of wine at a teachers’ gathering before the prom, and four more glasses at the event itself.

The 44-year-old is married and was head of physical education at the Norwich school from January 2008.

She should’ve known better. She’s lucky she didn’t end up in jail.


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