Say What Now? Passenger Slaps Flight Attendant Who Asked Her to Wear a Mask [Video]

While most people are happy to wear a mask and potentially save a life, some just aren’t down with our new (temporary) way of life — including one passenger who didn’t take too kindly to a flight attendant telling her to wear a mask.

A woman on a flight from Miami to Atlanta slapped flight attendant across the face after she was told to wear her mask.

via Fox:

Another passenger on the plane filmed the incident, which was then uploaded to social media. The altercation occurred on a Delta flight on Monday, Yahoo News reports. A reporter for the BBC, Suzanna Kianpour, shared the footage on Twitter, and said that she was on the flight when the incident occurred.

In the footage, a flight attendant can be seen having what appears to be a tense conversation with a passenger who seems to have her mask hanging by her neck. Another passenger is standing near the two women, but it’s unclear if this person is involved with the situation.

The flight attendant and the woman continue their conversation, with the woman moving increasingly close to the flight attendant. The other passengers can be heard commenting on the woman’s seemingly aggressive behavior, before the woman ultimately strikes the flight attendant in the face.

At this point, the other passengers on the plane begin to stand up and protest the violent behavior.

Representatives for Delta Air Lines did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Katty Kay, a journalist with BBC News, appeared to be on the same flight, and later said that the woman was escorted off the plane by police after the entire aircraft returned to the gate.

“The police have boarded the aircraft. The passenger does now seem to be leaving. The @Delta flight attendants handled it with remarkable patience and good humor,” she wrote.

Watch the video below.

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