Say What Now? Nebraska Man Charged With Hate Crime After Threatening Black Woman With Chainsaw [Video]

A white man from Nebraska was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats on Saturday.

He was also charged with a hate crime after he chased his neighbor, a Black woman, around with a chainsaw.

via Complex:

The incident occurred at around 1:30 p.m. when Daniel Stueck confronted the woman, who has been identified by Newsweek as Norma Nimox, shortly after she arrived at their apartment building. Stueck started revving up the engine of his chainsaw, swinging it “up and down in a cutting motion,” and demanding that she get off “his property.” 

Lincoln Police later confirmed that he doesn’t own the apartment building. 

Stueck shouted racial slurs at Nimox while walking down the staircase towards her. As she fled from him, Norma called 911. Nimox waited for police to come to arrest him before she returned to the building. “The neighbors upstairs say he was starting his chainsaw in his apartment all day,” she said. “I guess when he saw me he just found his victim.” Stueck told authorities that he recently had items stolen from him, and decided to place the blame on her “because she was Black.” 

Nimox said the landlord hasn’t determined whether Stueck will be allowed back into the building. Norma said she doesn’t feel like it’s safe for her and her 5-year-old child.

Watch the video below.


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