Say What Now? Man 'Bitten & Attacked with a Hammer' by Date He Met on Grindr


A 23-year-old Seattle man might think twice about the next time he meets up with a stranger after he was viciously attacked by a man he met through popular gay dating app, Grindr.

The unnamed victim needed surgery for a damaged eyelid and staples to shut a wound to his head after he was violently bitten and attacked with a hammer by Curtis Rosenblat near Seattle, Washington in March.

Rosenblat has used Grindr to arrange a meeting with the victim on March 22nd and the victim picked him up near his apartment at 3am. 

After they met, they searched for a secluded place to have sex but couldn’t find one. They then headed back to Rosenblat’s apartment.

Why they didn’t just do it there in the first place, we don’t know. 

They were naked inside his home when Rosenblat tried to kick the other man out without his belongings, according to the detective.

The men began fighting and when Rosenblat left the room, the alleged victim tried to grab his items, but Rosenblat returned with a hammer and began beating him. At that point, Rosenblat also began biting the victim. 

A woman in the apartment tried to break up the fight and the man fled, police said.

The victim called police and the female witness told cops that Rosenblat had told her he ‘wanted to get the guy’s stuff’.

Rosenblat was later arrested at the airport as he was trying to flee the area. During his arrest, police were forced to use a taser after he assaulted an officer. He now faces a 2nd degree assault charge and remains jailed on $115,000 bail.

[via Seattle PI]

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