Say What Now? Library Book Overdue for Nearly 100 Years Returned in California [Video]

A book has finally been returned to a California library after being checked out nearly 100 years ago.

via Complex:

As reported by KPIX-TV, Sacramento’s St. Helena Public Library recently received a book titled A History of the United States, which was checked out back in 1927.

The book, published in 1892 and written by Benson Lossing, was brought back by an unidentified man without any explanation.

“He didn’t give his name,” library director Chris Kreiden told the news station. “Staff have no idea who this gentleman is.”

She added, “One of my staff members brought it, [they] came up and said, ‘Oh, somebody had returned that book,’ and, they thought it was really cool. It was a really old book and we didn’t realize quite how old it was. It’s falling apart.”

Krieden admitted she’s “afraid to touch the book,” and for good reason. The tome is older than the Napa Valley library itself.

“All of us are just wondering where the book could have been for so long, you know, from being checked out in 1927,” Kreiden said. “And actually, none of us have seen a library book that was checked out in 1892 or anything else. And to have it be from this library from that far back is really incredible.”

Watch the video below.

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