Say What Now? Iowa Basketball Coach Admits to Sexually Exploiting and Abusing Over 400 Boys

An Iowa boys basketball coach is facing up to 180 years behind bars after admitting to sexually exploiting and abusing at least 400 underage boys.

via Page Six:

Greg Stephen pleaded guilty Oct. 18 to five counts of sexual exploitation of minors, one count of transporting child pornography and another of possessing child pornography.

The 42-year-old coach was arrested in March after his ex-brother-in-law found a recording device in Stephen’s house the previous month. He then handed it over to authorities after discovering it contained videos of showering boys. Investigators then searched Stephen’s other homes and found a hard drive and other devices with numerous photos and videos of boys in graphic sexual situations, reported CBS News.

Stephen confessed that he possessed a hard drive containing explicit media regarding 400 different minor males.

In some cases, he posed as a teen girl on social media to trick unsuspecting boys into creating explicit images, offering to trade nude pictures and videos while telling the males what to do. In his possession were images of boys bathing and in various states of undress in hotels. In one of his homes, recording devices were cloaked as a smoke detector and a towel hook.

Even more disturbing, Stephen took videos and photos of sleeping boys with their pants pulled down — and in some instances, recorded himself touching their genitals.

While it’s possible he could spend the rest of his life in prison if his appeals fail, he will face a minimum 15-year lockup term at his upcoming sentencing, which has not been set.

Lock him up!

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