Say What Now? Illinois Executive Gives His Escort Lover Access to His Company Credit Card, Ends Up with a $5.8 Million Bill

An Illinois businessman and a former escort racked up $5.8 million on his company credit card — and now the FBI is investigating.

via NYDN:

Drug company executive Scott Kennedy gave 31-year-old Crystal Lundberg seemingly unlimited financial access, according to a court filing obtained by the Chicago Tribune.

“I’m the only person who has to answer for being stupid,” the 43-year-old Kennedy told the newspaper.

The court filing describes how Lundberg turned her cash influx into a 6,500-square foot home in San Diego. With the help of the company card, she planned to open a spa in the mansion, according to the Tribune.

A Linkedin page associated with Lundberg states that she lives in the “Greater San Diego Area.” She lists herself as the president of “The Royalty Room Inc.,” calling it “my new project.”

Authorities took hold of more than $36,000 from a checking account connected to the spa, according to the Tribune.

Kennedy and Lundberg are being investigated for fraud and money laundering, according to the Tribune, but charges have not been filed. Kennedy is cooperating and is trying to work toward “an amicable resolution,” lawyer Sami Azhari told the Tribune. 

France-based Nemera fired Kennedy earlier this year from his Buffalo Grove position following an investigation.

“My mistake was trusting her,” Kennedy told the newspaper. “At this point, I have very little faith anything she told me ever was true.”

The pair first met five years ago through, according to the Tribune.

“At the time Individual B was working as a professional escort, and Individual A solicited her services approximately eight to ten times between approximately 2012 and May 2015,” the FBI said, according to the newspaper.

After Lundberg asked for help getting Christmas gifts for her children, Kennedy allegedly gave her the card. During a 16-month span, beginning in November 2015, they spent $5.79 million, the Tribune reported.

The shopping spree included plastic surgery for Lundberg and two Rolex watches, according to the Tribune.

Kennedy told authorities that she said she would eventually reimburse him.

“I wanted to be loved and cared for. My heart kind of overrid my head and said, ‘Take a chance,'” Kennedy told the newspaper. “Well, it blew up in my face.”

We have to admit — she was making the absolute most of her situation!

Crystal had a house, a business, AND it sounds like she was working to better her life…just with someone else’s money. We’re not even mad.

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