Officers arriving at the scene found a disoriented Cantres suffering from multiple cuts and scratches all over his body. He was taken to Florida Hospital DeLand.

Dwaine Harris, 25, of DeLeon Springs, who was walking with Cantres, told police he saw Weaver in her silver Kia speeding out of the apartment’s parking lot. Weaver then had to stop because a pickup was backing up. Weaver yelled profanities at the driver of the pickup and sped around it toward Harris and Cantres, striking Cantres, police said.

Harris said Weaver then struck a curb, busting the front passenger tire, but Weaver did not stop, police said.

As officers investigated, they were told Weaver’s mother lived on Salisbury Avenue. Police went to that home and found the silver Kia Soul with a flattened front tire, the report states. The spare was out but hadn’t yet been put on the car, police said.

That’s when Weaver came out of the house and said, “Sir can I tell you something, I did not mean to hit him,” the report states.

After Weaver was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of crash with injury, she said she “became upset because Cantres was in the way,” officers wrote in their report.

Weaver also said she did not have any intention of notifying police, the report states.

Weaver was being held on $1,000 bail at the Volusia County Branch Jail on Tuesday.

We shouldn’t be laughing…but…damn.