Say What Now? College Student Pays Off Tuition with 500 Pounds of Pennies [Video]

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A student in Oklahoma set out to prove that ‘every little bit counts’ — and did just that when making his final tuition in payment in pennies!

Andrew Magbee made his final tuition payment, $974, to Southwestern Christian University in pennies. To be exact, 500 pounds of them!

The 24-year-old told CNN affiliate KOCO, “I collected aluminum cans and I turned them for scrap metal. I started a little sandwich shop, I mowed lawns and I painted houses.”

Magbee paid for his entire $25,000 education on his own and will finish college with no debt. He told KOCO the final payment in pennies was meant to help inspire and influence high school students, saying he hopes it “encourage them to think through the process of financing their education, how they’re going to do it and what they’re going to pursue to make it happen.”

97,400 pennies. We’d be so mad if we had to count it all.

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