Say What Now? 8-Year-Old Boy Steals His Father's Car & Drives His Little Sister to the McDonald's Drive-Thru |

Say What Now? 8-Year-Old Boy Steals His Father’s Car & Drives His Little Sister to the McDonald’s Drive-Thru

An 8-year-old boy wanted a cheeseburger SO badly that he hopped into his father’s car and drove himself and his little sister to a McDonald’s near their Ohio home.

via NYDN:

East Palestine officer Jacob Koehler told the Morning Journal the hilariously bizarre incident happened Sunday evening.

According to Koehler, the police department received numerous phone calls about a child behind the wheel of a car. Surprisingly, witnesses told cops the tiny motorist had impressive driving skills and didn’t do any damage to his father’s car or anyone else’s vehicle.

Residents said the boy followed all traffic laws, including stopping at red lights and waiting for other cars to pass before making a left turn into the McDonald’s parking lot.

Officers said the boy drove straight to the fast-food restaurant, located about a mile and a half from his home, to get something to eat. The boy’s sister, 4, was riding shotgun.

Authorities said when the two kids pulled up to the drive-thru window workers at the eatery assumed it was a prank.

“The workers thought that the parents were in the back,” Koehler said. “Obviously they weren’t.”

When police arrived to the McDonald’s, the boy started crying and explained that he was hungry and wanted a cheeseburger. He apparently ordered his sister chicken nuggets and fries. Cops said the kids planned on paying for the meal with money from their piggy-bank.

The child also said he had never driven a vehicle before and quickly learned how by watching YouTube videos.

Koehler told the outlet that the parents were back at the home asleep and had no idea their children had left. No charges were filed and police said this was not a case of neglect; the children had already eaten three times that day.

The parents picked up the kids at the police station.

His little McButt deserves a McSpankin’.

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