Say What Now? 26-Year-Old Man Arrested for Stripping Nude on Disneyland’s ‘It’s a Small World’ Ride [Video] |

Say What Now? 26-Year-Old Man Arrested for Stripping Nude on Disneyland’s ‘It’s a Small World’ Ride [Video]

A man has been arrested after stripping naked at Disneyland Sunday afternoon.

via People:

Just after 1:30 p.m., officers “responded to Disneyland to assist Disney security with a guest who removed his clothes and was naked in or near the ‘It’s a Small World’ attraction, Anaheim Police Department spokesperson Jonathan McClintock told PEOPLE in a statement.

“Upon officers’ arrival, they arrested a 26-year-old man for indecent exposure and for being under the influence of a controlled substance,” McClintock continued, adding that the man was taken to a hospital as a precaution.

A Disneyland Resort representative told Deadline that the man got off the attraction while it was in motion and park operators stopped the ride when they became aware of the situation.

Disneyland did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Footage shared on social media shows the streaker fully nude in the water canals near the entrance to the ride. Other videos show the man walking around the ride’s sets and touching its animatronics, wearing only shorts, while “Jingle Bells” plays in the background.

In one video, posted on Instagram by guest Maegan Carmona, people can be heard yelling “please stop” and “sit down,” while other guests voice concern that the man will break the ride’s props.

“We noticed he started climbing onto the different parts of the ride, and we noticed that he was undressed,” Carmona told Entertainment Weekly.

“He just looked out of it,” Carmona said, adding that at least four cast members tried to help him get down from the ride’s structure while it was stopped. “He just didn’t look like he knew where he was. He looked worried. My friends and I had seen him, and it looked like he was going to jump on us.” 

Carmona said one of the cast members “got him to sit down for a minute,” but “after that he continued walking in the opposite direction, behind us. Once he got to a different part of the ride, he ended up walking into the water and started drinking the water, and ran off toward the entrance of the ride.”

The musical boat ride, known for its infectious looping chorus, debuted at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, and has remained a highlight for park visitors for more than five decades.

This isn’t the first incident involving a guest breaking a Disney theme park’s rules this year.

Last month, a Walt Disney World guest jumped into the World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot, allegedly for a $60,000 bet.

Footage of the incident showed the guest jumping in feet-first, swimming to the side and climbing over a gondola, before making it to the stairs to get out.

In one TikTok video of the guest crawling out over the gondola, the person filming shouts, “You’re getting banned for life, homie!”

We’re not exactly sure what is going on here — but thankfully no one got hurt.


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