Say What Now? 12-Year-Old Boy Pulled a Gun on a 13-Year-Old Girl and Demanded She Share Her Chicken McNuggets

A 12-year-old boy has been arrested after he pulled a gun on a 13-year-old classmate of his in a Manhattan subway station and demanded one of her McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

via NY Daily News:

The bizarre incident happened aboard the No. 6 train at the 103rd St. station in East Harlem early Tuesday evening.

About 20 minutes earlier, the suspect and victim, who know each other from school, were inside a nearby McDonald’s at E. 103rd St. and 3rd Ave.

He asked her for a McNugget, police said, and when she wouldn’t give him one, he got angry.

When they got to the subway station, the suspect confronted the victim, pointed an apparent gun at her head and again demanded a McNugget.

The teen, in turn, smacked the gun away from her head and told the suspect to leave her alone.

When the train pulled in both got on, and the victim allegedly saw the suspect show his gun to another kid.

The teen on Wednesday afternoon reported the incident to her school and the suspect was later arrested for the attempted robbery of the McNugget.

The gun was not found and the suspect’s case was referred to Family Court.

As wild as this story is, we’re just glad no one got hurt.

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