Say What Now? 10-Year-Old Texas Boy Confesses to Fatally Shooting A Sleeping Man When He Was 7 |

Say What Now? 10-Year-Old Texas Boy Confesses to Fatally Shooting A Sleeping Man When He Was 7

A 10-year-old Texas boy confessed he used his grandfather’s gun to fatally shoot a sleeping man in 2022.

via: Complex

According to CNN, the 2022 murder of 32-year-old Brandon O’Quinn Rasberry became a cold case until the unnamed minor recently confessed to the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting occurred in January 2022, when Rasberry was shot in the head while sleeping in his RV at the Lazy J RV park in Nixon, Texas, but according to the boy, the incident happened one week before his eighth birthday.

“All possible witnesses were spoken to and interviewed by investigators during the investigation and all leads were exhausted,” reads the Sheriff’s Office press release, which all details disturbing information about the minor.

On April 11, 2024, the child had an altercation on his school bus, where he threatened to assault and kill another student. This was before the incident was called to the authorities the following day.

The boy reportedly claimed to have killed someone two years ago, leading investigators to believe that he was referring to Rasberry.

At the Sheriff’s Office, a threat assessment was conducted on the student, who confessed, along with a forensic interview where he “provided information that was consistent with first-hand knowledge of the homicide of Brandon Rasberry.” The child said that after retrieving the gun from the glovebox of his grandfather’s truck, he entered Rasberry’s RV and discharged the weapon, striking the man in the head, before exiting the vehicle and returning the firearm to the glovebox. The child stated that he had never met Rasberry, although he’d observed him in passing.

Per KSAT-TV, the school district’s superintendent stated that the boy will not be returning to school. Due to children in Texas not being legally held responsible for a criminal act until they’re 10 years old, the Gonzales County Attorney’s Office will not file or accept murder charges against the boy.

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