Rihanna Steps Out with Drake to Celebrate Bestie Melissa Forde's Birthday [Photos]


Rihanna threw on a sexy little black dress and hot-like-fire Louboutins and stepped out to celebrate the birthday of her best friend Melissa Forde on Friday night.


They dined at Rih’s fave restaurant, Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.


Rih’s boo Drake came through as well.


Prior to dinner, Rih flooded Melissa with flowers and left a special IG Message dedicated to her BFF:


Nobody in de world could mek me laugh di$ ra$$hole hard, Nobody cud talk a$ much cunt a$ you, Nobody cud keep my dirty lil $ecret$ like you, Nobody el$e cud embara$$ my $tyle….You literally make bitche$ wi$h they had an M.Forde by their side! I will never take for granted the day you packed your $hit and left BIM to come hold me down, cuz God know$ I would never be able to $urvive thi$ and remain my$elf through it all! You are literally the $trongest, $exie$t, most perverted, humble, kind, intelligent, $hady a$ PHUCK human being I know! My $i$tren!!! My hitta!!! I know I tell you thi$ all the time, but Money cud neva buy what you give me!! Our friend$hip will alway$ be family! Ya $weet a$ $ex!!! #MDollaz #April11 #HappyBirthday

How sweet. Happy Birthday Melissa!



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