Rihanna Loves Being 'Aunty OhNaNa', Shares Heartwarming Pics of Her Newborn Niece [Photos] | lovebscott.com

Rihanna Loves Being ‘Aunty OhNaNa’, Shares Heartwarming Pics of Her Newborn Niece [Photos]


Rihanna’s often lamented for being too inappropriate for children, but these newly released photos show a different, and dare we say maternal side of Rih.

Dubbed “Aunty OhNaNa“, Rihanna posted a series of photos of her newborn baby niece on Twitter and Facebook (no, she has not returned to Instagram yet).

Her cousin Noelle had the baby, and we’re not sure how this makes Rihanna an ‘Aunty’ …but we’ll go with it

The above snap of the two in matching Miami Heat jersey is cute — but the photos below are the ones that really make us smile.

It looks like Rihanna might have baby fever!


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