'RHOP' Stars Monique and Chris Samuels Fire Back at Jamal Bryant's Cease and Desist with Legal Threats of Their Own

Monique Samuels isn’t backing down from her claim that Jamal Bryant had an inappropriate relationship with another woman while rekindling his romance with Gizelle Bryant — despite the fact Jamal sent her a cease and desist.

In return, Monique hit back claiming she has proof. Her husband, Chris Samuels, also hit back with a cease and desist of his own demanding Jamal remove any negative social media posts referring to him or Jamal’s claims he’s an abuser with CTE-related issues.

In Jamal’s original cease and desist, he accused Monique of “maliciously spreading inaccurate and unfounded information” on TV that defames him and cited the fact she read his phone number out loud as harmful. He threatened to sue if she didn’t respond agreeing to stop making false statements.

Monique’s response doubled-down on her accusations, claiming she “has irrefutable proof of your egregious sexual conduct with a woman you have been seeing for the past eight years, as well as others.”

In response to Jamal’s claims about his phone number, Monique says it wasn’t harmful because Bravo edited it out before the show actually aired.

Chris Samuels’ cease and desist to Jamal says he has three days to remove his social media posts AND issue a public apology or else he’s going to sue.

Sidebar: As far as Jamal’s claims that he has video footage of Chris verbally assaulting a woman at a local Safeway, the streets say the woman he allegedly verbally assaulted is none other than Charisse Jordan — although that’s unconfirmed.

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