Report: Brother of KeKe Palmer's Ex-BF Darius Jackson Files Restraining Order Against Actress and Her Mother Over Alleged Harassment |

Keke Palmer’s battle with her ex-boyfriend and the father of her son, Darius Jackson, has taken a new turn with the involvement of his brother, Sarunas Jackson.

via: Radar Online

In a sudden development to come after Palmer and Jackson split in October 2023, it was revealed that Jackson’s older brother – Insecure star Sarunas Jackson – filed restraining orders against Palmer and Palmer’s mother.

According to court documents obtained this week by the Blast, Sarunas filed the temporary restraining order requests in a bid to protect himself, his parents, and his brother Daulon.

Sarunas alleged that Palmer harassed him with false accusations in an email issued to Darius’s attorney on January 11.

“She has made foul claims that I have sexual abuse claims on me when I do not,” the HBO star wrote in his restraining order request. “I have never done such a thing.”

“She has gone to the media [and] has used her celebrity to publicly lie on my family and myself, which has resulted in death threats by the public,” Sarunas added.

Sarunas also alleged that Palmer “stalked and harassed” his friends and family which, according to his court filing, has “caused career damage.”

“She has harassed and stalked my friends and family’s social media,” he wrote in the filing. “She has reached out to people in relation to me to lie on me and my family. Has caused career damage.”

Darius’s brother also filed a restraining order request against Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer.

The Insecure actor alleged that Sharon Palmer “threatened and harassed” him, his family, and his friends.

“[Sharon Palmer] has made threats to my family that involve shooting [and] rape,” Sarunas alleged. “I have the audio my brother recorded to prove.”

“She has publicly lied on me and my family, so we are now receiving death threats,” he continued. “She threatened to put a bullet in my brother’s head.”

According to Sarunas’s temporary restraining order requests, he wants both the Nope actress and her mother to stay at least 150 yards away from him, his family, his home, and his workplace.

Sarunas also requested that the court order the actress not to “speak publicly or privately about [him] or [his] family.”

As previously reported, Sarunas’s restraining order requests this month came as his brother Darius and Palmer remain embroiled in a custody battle and a restraining order fight of their own.

Palmer and Darius continue to fight over custody of their nine-month-old son, Leo. The former couple welcomed Leo shortly before their split in October 2023.

Palmer and Darius have also accused each other of abuse following their split in October, and they each filed restraining orders against one another.

Darius shared a series of alleged text messages in December to prove that the former True Jackson, VP star allegedly abused him, while Palmer shared security camera footage that showed Darius allegedly abusing her.

Meanwhile, Sarunas Jackson was accused of choking his Insecure co-star DomiNque Perry amid their own custody battle over their five-year-old daughter, Zen.

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