Read The Bombshell Police Report: Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann's Divorce Drama Reaches All-Time High as Exes Duke It Out at Home [Photos]

There’s more fallout from the police visit at the Biermann’s residency.

via: Radar Online can exclusively reveal two police reports exposing the shocking behind-the-scenes domestic life of reality star Kim Zolciak and her estranged husband Kroy Biermann as they engage in a combative divorce brawl.

Zolciak and Biermann filed dueling divorce petitions on May 8 – both asking the court to award them primary custody of their 4 minor kids: Kroy, Kash, Kaia, and Kane – plus child and spousal support.

According to one police report obtained by, police officers from the small city of Milton, Georgia responded to the home around 10:23 PM on May 2 for a dispute labeled on the 911 dispatch log as “Dom(estic) Physical.”

“Caller Statement: ‘Husband had been physically and verbally abusive,’” the dispatch log stated.

Biermann greeted the officers at the door and claimed the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star “was refusing to leave” the master bathroom when he wanted to take a shower,” the police report stated.

“Nothing physical occurred,” Biermann told officers, noting that the children were asleep at the time of the ruckus.

Zolciak, however, told police that Biermann began “shouting at her” and “telling her to leave” but when she tried to exit the bathroom, he “would stand in the doorway” to block her.

Zolciak also accused her live-in ex of “chest bumping” her as she walked out.

Zolciak acknowledged “nothing physical occurred on this date” but alleged Biermann had prevented her from calling 911 in the past by snatching her phone.

“She was advised that Kroy could be charged with False Imprisonment for keeping her against her will and Obstructing While Making a 911 Call,” the report stated. “She was unaware that she could call involving those offenses.”

Zolciak also told police that “similar incidents occurred in the past” but she didn’t call the police because she “didn’t want the media’s attention.”

Police warned Biermann he could be charged the next time and the couple agreed to keep separated for the night.

The second incident erupted at 6:49 PM on May 4 when Zolciak called police accusing Biermann of locking away her jewelry and a designer purse, worth $175,000, and her passport in the home’s basement safe.

During questioning, Biermann admitted to responding police officers that he was allegedly attacked by the reality star – claiming he has an audio recording to prove it.

“Kroy then advised that Kim had punched him in the back of the head during an earlier altercation concerning the disputed property,” the report stated.

Meanwhile, Zolciak was furiously loading a white Range Rover with her personal belongings — purses, glasses, handbags, and other items — in an apparent attempt to keep Biermann from seizing it.

Zolciak even begged the officers to remain on the scene to prevent her ex from stopping her. In retaliation, the former NFL star whipped out his cell phone camera to record the event – presumably for divorce court.

“Kim and Kroy engaged in several verbal disagreements,” which included Biermann putting his attorney on speaker phone so that his estranged wife could hear the definition of marital property, the report stated.

At some point during the fray, the officer had to admonish the dueling duo for engaging in the verbal fight in front of their shell-shocked children.

“Several times during our encounter (the officers) employed Kroy and Kim to remain civil due to the presence of their four juvenile children,” the report stated.

While preparing the five-page police report, called 911 at 10:42 PM to report that Zolciak was using his credit card – sparking another dispute over whether the card was marital property.

But the drama didn’t stop yet.

At 1:19 AM, Zolciak called 911 to report she returned to the house to retrieve medications from her bedroom, but Biermann had allegedly barricaded himself inside and was refusing to open the door. He told the officers he placed the medication in the hallway.

When Zolciak called the police – AGAIN – this time claiming some of her meds were missing, they suggested she call an ambulance to transport her to the hospital. She instead decided to sleep in another room.

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