Raven-Symone Says Caitlyn Jenner Is Doing Too Much, Too Fast as an LGBT Advocate: ‘You’ve Got to Learn It First’ [Video]

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Raven-Symone isn’t impressed with Caitlyn Jenner’s seemingly sudden LGBT activism.

When discussing last night’s premiere of E!’s ‘I Am Cait’ on ‘The View’, Raven told audiences that she feels Cait’s moving way too fast.

via The Wrap:

“When I came out, I didn’t go and go hardcore and be like, ‘I’m going to save the world for LGBT,’” the co-host said on Monday’s episode. “You’ve got to learn it. You’ve got to learn it first, and she’s not, really.”

Exiting panelist Rosie Perez suggested that maybe Jenner was simply holding back, strategically waiting for the proper platform, but her co-host disagreed, saying that you don’t have to be a part of the community to be an advocate.

“Well, I think you can be strategic before you come out as well,” said Raven-Symoné. “Beforehand, I was definitely repping the community, even when I wasn’t saying this is what I was. And I’m not faulting you because yes, we need you. It’s too fast, too soon.”

The former “Cosby Show” star also said that she doesn’t claim to be a gay rights activist: “I can’t be. I learned from the real gay rights activists. I can only do what I can.”

Watch the video below. Do you think there’s such thing as moving too fast in the name of activism?

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