Quavo and Saweetie Got Into a Physical Altercation in an Elevator Before Their Breakup, Captured on Video

Quavo and Saweetie’s breakup came as a surprise to many, but a newly-surfaced video shows they’ve been having relationship issues for quite some time.

Apparently, back in 2020 the two got into a physical altercation in an elevator and it was captured on the security camera.

In the video, taken from the elevator of a North Hollywood apartment complex, both Quavo and Saweetie can be seen standing outside of an open elevator before Saweetie starts swinging on Quavo. It appears as though they were already fighting before the video picks up.

Quavo avoids getting hit and drops an orange Call of Duty case — which Saweetie tries to pick up. Quavo grabs it from her and a struggle ensues, and it looks like during the struggle Quavo pushes Saweetie into the elevator. Quavo then pushes Saweetie to the floor and gets the case.

Saweetie remains on the floor for quite some time with Quavo staring at her with the orange case next to him.

The door eventually opens on another floor and Saweetie gets out.

It’s unclear if she’s injured, but it doesn’t look good.

See the footage for yourself below.

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