Plies Praises Britney Spears' Latest Stripper Pole Video: 'My White Diamond!'

Plies loves himself some Britney Spears.

via HipHopDX:

On Sunday (August 13), Spears went viral when she posted a video of herself wearing a leopard-print bikini and gyrating on a stripper pole, dancing to Nine Inch Nails’ 1990s smash hit “Closer.”

When it hit the Internet, comedian Karlous Miller took to Twitter to blithely remark, “don’t let Plies see this.”

Fortunately, the “I Got Motion” rapper saw the video and offered his unique brand of commentary on her moves.

“My White Diamond Bih (From The Players Club),” he wrote in the caption. “Go To Pound Town Britt!!! Go To Pound Town Britt!!!!!! Man I Luh Britt Bih!!! #Plies”

He then offered a play-by-play of Spears’ dance moves.

“There she go!” he screamed, laughing. “Wahoo! There she go! Oh ho! That muthafucka look like Diamond from The Players Club! Look!”

Plies was referring to the character in the classic 1998 film starring Jamie Foxx and Bernie Mac, in which LisaRay McCoy played Diamond.

He continued: “My white diamond! Come on, white diamond! Whoo hoo! Throw that little pwussy! Throw that little pwussy, Brit! Brit! You know what I’m waitin’ on, Brit! Brit! Go to pound town, Brit!”

Spears then spreads her legs open, causing the “Real Hitta” rapper to scream with laughter and drop the phone.

Watch Plies react below.

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