Petty Payback: Teen Gets Good Revenge on Boyfriend Who Dumped Her a Week Before Prom [Photo]

What do you you do when your boyfriend breaks up with you a week before prom and asks you to give him back the money he spent on your prom ticket?

If you’re us, you don’t give him a damn thing.

If you’re Maria from Colorado, you give him his $95 back in nothing but pennies.

via Complex:

A teenager from Colorado is getting a crash course on what not to do when breaking up with someone. He called it off with his girlfriend, Maria, shortly before they were about to attend prom together, and he asked for the money back he’d given her to pay for prom-related expenses. Maria eventually found out he was planning on going to another prom with someone else, and held a brainstorming session with friends on how she could get back at him.

Maria took to Twitter to share her revenge story.

This is petty, but that ex wouldn’t have gotten a single penny, nickel, or dime from us. Nope.

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