Peter Thomas’ Miami Restaurant Lost Eviction Lawsuit Days Before His DUI Arrest |

Peter Thomas’ Miami Restaurant Lost Eviction Lawsuit Days Before His DUI Arrest

More bad news for Peter Thomas.

via: Radar Online

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband Peter Thomas’ Miami restaurant lost an eviction lawsuit only days before he was arrested for a DUI.

According to court documents obtained by, on December 26, a Florida judge granted a default judgment against Thomas’ bar/restaurant Bar One.

Bar One was sued by its landlord Bentley Bay Retail over alleged unpaid rent and fees. Thomas claimed he was working on handling the debt, but the landlord said the money never came through.

Thomas agreed to cough up $505k. He said he would provide proof of wire transfer by December 26.

At the hearing on December 26, the judge granted Bentley Bay’s request to evict Bar One after Thomas failed to send proof of a wire being sent.

“Any right of Tenant or any other person claiming by or through Tenant to occupy the commercial real property located at 520 West Avenue, Unit Commercial-1, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 (the “Premises”) is hereby terminated,” the order read. “Landlord is hereby awarded possession of the Premises.”

Per the order, the court issued a writ of possession “directing the County Sheriff and/or City Police Department to remove all persons and personal property forthwith from the Premises and put Landlord in possession of it.”

The judge noted that the landlord may sue Peter Thomas personally for damages. The court said Bar One had been instructed to place all funds owed to the landlord in an account controlled by the court.

“The Defendant indicated that it would wire transfer the funds by today’s date at 4:30 p.m. and provide proof that the funds were being transferred. The Defendant has failed to do so,” the order read.

Thomas has run Bar One since 2019. The company stopped posting on social media in October 2023.

In 2022, Bentley Bay sued Bar One for eviction after it failed to pay rent and other fees related to the waterfront location. The landlord said Bar One agreed to pay $270k to avoid being kicked out. The agreement hashed out by the parties had a provision that stated if any checks submitted by Bar One were returned for insufficient funds, the deal would be void.

In the 2022 lawsuit, the landlord claimed Bar One had sent multiple payments that were returned for lack of funds. The company said the $250k had grown to $422k by the time they filed suit. Thomas denied all allegations of wrongdoing and said he had agreed to pay the debt. However, months later, Bentley Bay claimed Thomas had failed to pay the $470k he agreed to cough up. The landlord said it was tired of waiting and asked that it be allowed to evict Bar One.

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