Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Body-Shaming Comments |

Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Body-Shaming Comments

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback—who is currently doing offseason workouts—addressed the negative comments made about his body after his practice attire recently became the topic of discussion.

“I kind of thought we had the whole dad bod thing out of the way last season in the play-offs,” Mahomes said, after fans again accused him of being “out of shape.”

Patrick Mahomes is taking a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s book and shaking off the haters.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback addressed the negative comments made about his body during his offseason workouts in a new interview.

“It kind of surprised me,” Mahomes told sports analyst Pat McAfee on his eponymous show this week. “I kind of thought we had the whole dad bod thing out of the way last season in the play-offs. But I guess people still haven’t realized that I don’t have abs.”

Despite being a three-time Super Bowl champion, the discussion about the 28-year-old athlete’s body reared its ugly head again after an outfit he chose to wear during practice went viral (video below).

“Hopefully, one of these days, we can figure out how to get a looser T-shirt,” he quipped. “The backpack’s just holding my shirt in.”

The father of two insisted that the “dad bod doesn’t happen by itself”.

“You know me, man, I’m not a wine guy, I’m a Coors Light guy, that’s who I am,” he quipped. “You’ve got to get some Coors Light in there.”

This isn’t the first time Mahomes has reacted to the body shamers online. In January, he took to Twitter to address a grab from The CW’s Inside the NFL footage (below), which caused quite a stir on the internet.

He also addressed the chatter by saying, “I have a great body for a quarterback. You’ve got to have some padding in there to take the hits that we take.”

Mahomes later teamed up with Coors Light to release a “Dad Bod” t-shirt.

His wife, Brittany Mahomes has also had her fair share of critics, who she stood up against by making a not so subtle dig her the haters after her big Sports Illustrated Swimsuit debut in February.

She was named as the newest Rookie for the publication’s 60th Anniversary issue, which was met with some criticism.

Some felt she only landed the gig because of her husband, as well as her new friendship with Taylor Swift. Others, however, praised her stunning portraits.

After reposting some of the more celebratory posts from friends, Mahomes also addressed some of the negativity — and overcoming it — in an an Instagram Story to her 1.8 million followers.

“I’m here to tell you. People will dislike you. People will love you,” she wrote. “Don’t let any of that define you. KEEP SHINING and being YOU.”

Patrick must have also taken a leaf out of his wife’s book too.

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