NYC's 'Trump Place' Apartment Complex Removes Donald Trump's Name After Resident Protest


Three New York City buildings are removing president-elect Donald Trump’s name from their exteriors as the result of a successful ‘Dump the Trump’ petition circulated by residents.

via Huffington Post: 

Workers were seen taking down the big gold “Trump Place” letters from one of the three buildings on the Upper West Side of Manhattan Wednesday morning.The “Dump the Trump Name” petition, while not confirmed as the direct cause of the change, gathered 677 signatures after it was launched about a month ago.

“It’s nuts that we’re now living in a place that is advertising values that none of us believe in,” petition co-author Linda Gottlieb told CNBC. The petition cited Trump’s “appalling treatment of women, his history of racism, his attacks on immigrants, his mockery of the disabled, his tax avoidance, his outright lying,” that the name insults many of the minorities and immigrants who work in the building, and that the naming deal increases Trump’s net worth.

The three buildings were under contract to bear Trump’s name for a time, but that contract has ended, according to Marty McKenna, a spokesman for the buildings’ landlord, Equity Residential. The buildings will now be called simply by their Riverside Drive street addresses instead.

“Assuming a more neutral building identity will appeal to all current and future residents,” McKenna told HuffPost.

The Trump Organization likewise told Bloomberg the name change was simply the enforcing of a pre-existing agreement.

So, do the residents get to rename the building?

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