Not Just for Show: Sheree and Bob Whitfield Are Working Things Out 'We Don't Have to Get Married'

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We all collectively scratched our heads at the thought of Sheree and Bob Whitfield reuniting when we witness them rekindle their friendship during this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

While we just assumed it was a storyline to keep Sheree interesting on the show, as it turns out the former lovers are still trying to get their relationship back on track.

via RadarOnline:

“Here’s the thing, the previous relationship was so damaged,” Bob told Radar. “Two adults, we wouldn’t dare to venture into a relationship, but we are exploring each other’s company, I will say.”

The retired, 44-year-old NFL player knows he has to be careful around his ex-wife, who he divorced 2007.

“Having been around the person, you can in your mind think about, ‘Hey, it used to be good when it was good, but when it was bad, it was hella bad,’” he said. “So when you get to the person, you might be like, ‘S***, I need to have my knife in my back pocket just in case.’”

So for right now, the couple is taking it easy.

“It was like an experiment that went pretty well,” Bob said.

And they don’t plan on retying the knot.

“Oh I’d be bragging to the people because she got more Instagram followers than me, so I’d just be like bragging, like ‘Yeah, I’m about to scoop,’” Whitfield said.

According to Bob, he reconnected with Sheree, 46, in July 2015 during on of their kids’ birthday parties.

“It started because of the birthday party,” he said. “It was kind of a festive occasion and it was a bowling alley party. So now drinks are involved, jokes are involved, different type of mood. So then it’s like, ‘Let’s try breakfast…’ take it easy and just go little bit by little.”

They started casually dating.

“It’s almost like you just take your time with it because we’ve been hanging around each other for a long time,” he explained. “So we know little ways about each other, so how to maneuver. It’s been pretty cool. Weain’t been playing bumper cars, smashing them up.

And then during the cast trip to Jamaica, the couple really heated up.

“Going to Jamaica was a challenge because you know I still act a fool getting in the sunshine and the water,” Bob said. “And I got mesmerized because I haven’t seen her up close like that… I couldn’t resist but grab her booty. It was like I got a flashback and I was like, ‘You’re better than I remember.’ Oh my gosh, it’s awesome.”

Since reconnecting with Sheree, Bob has stopped dating other people.

“I’ve been kind of low key,” he confessed. “It’s almost like that’s why it feels like an experiment to even me. I’m not saying I’m going to marry the girl next week. But I said, ‘Why couldn’t I build something of substance?’”

“I look at it like this, and I told her this, ‘We’ve still got those issues. S*** will flair up, but you just kind of like have to maneuver around each other,’” he continued. “It’s a delicate song and dance so everybody takes a chance to lead.”

Right now, Sheree is the one in charge.

“I’ll let you lead because I’m real passionate about her,” Bob said.

And Bob hopes that they have a future together.

“We had our differences and our problems, but I never just gave up on her,” he said. “I feel like I’ve invested a lot. We’ve invested a lot in each other, so I’m not going to just scrap my investment to her. You kept the name for a reason.”

But with baby steps, it has left Bob with a lack of private moments and “dreaming about the bedroom,” as he put it.

We wish them the best.

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