Nicki Minaj's Hairstylist Deletes His Instagram After Being Attacked by Her Fans Over Her EMA Look

Nicki Minaj attended the MTV European Music Awards this past weekend sporting a rather interesting hairstyle.

The Barbz weren’t feeling their queen’s short wavy look and went after her hairstylist Tae on social media — prompting him to delete his Instagram.


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After going back and forth with Nicki fans in the comments, Tae shared a message about ‘protecting your energy’ before going on hiatus.

“Protect Your ENERGY…Some of yall miserable asses need to live n be happy! Some of y’all don’t have no life in y’all, y’all try n put on these acts to be somebody y’all not or try n plese ppl n kiss they ass like nahhh!!! Be f**king you n do wtf you want n if a mf ain’t plesaed with, tell they a** ‘ADIOS’

If your in a unhappy situation, u should never settle…get tf on! Happiness is very important”

As of now his page is still gone.

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