Nicki Minaj Appears to Address Wack 100 Saying ‘Pink Friday 2’ Didn't Break 'No Records' |

Nicki Minaj Appears to Address Wack 100 Saying ‘Pink Friday 2’ Didn’t Break ‘No Records’

Nicki Minaj appears to have addressed Wack 100 saying that her latest album, Pink Friday 2, hasn’t been as big as people and media are making it out to be.

via: HipHopDX

On Saturday (January 6) the Queens native took to X (formerly Twitter) writing, “Barbz did we break any records?”

The comment appears to be a response to an audio clip in which Wack can be heard alleging that, while Nicki has the larger arsenal of work, Cardi B is miles ahead in terms of impact.

“I don’t know about no breaking no records because ain’t none of those numbers breaking nobody’s records right now. No artist,” he began.

“Overall, as far as albums Nicki got more work done. That’s a fact. But right now?” he concluded, with Cardi B mentioned as her competition.

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The disagreement comes on the heels of the Young Money rapper laughing off accusations that she’s a bully.

Following the release of Pink Friday 2, she sat down for an interview with Apple Music 1’s Ebro Darden that was published on Thursday (January 4). Among a myriad topics, the pair discussed the difference between her rap persona and everyday Onika. To which she shared she shows up as a bit of both as she joked about “making fun of these hoes.”

“You’re just getting Nicki when you hear the music,” she said around the 8:39 mark. “The other stuff is work and some of it is play. I mean, let’s face it. This is my fucking job. I have to have some sort of fun. If it means making fun of these hoes – why the fuck not?

“The thing is though, I’ve realized it’s like a movie. They’ve made me the bad guy so I’ve welcomed the challenge. You know why? It’s because I know I can accept that challenge. None of them can. None.”

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