Ne-Yo's Ex Monyetta Shaw Explains Why Their Kids Weren't At His Wedding [Photo]

neyo kids wedding

If you haven’t heard, Ne-Yo married Crystal Renay over the weekend.

Noticeably absent from their dad’s wedding were his two kids from his previous relationship with Monyetta Shaw.

Of course, everyone assumed it to be shade on Monyetta’s part — but she says that’s not the case. The kids were simply busy with school.

She wrote:

“Not that it’s anyone’s business I have a few secs to entertain since we are all done with these school visits for today … Any involved parent in search for the best school for their children knows how important this process is & I don’t take it lightly. It’s a very long process & we are at the end which is the kids observation at schools.” 


Well, there you have it.


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