Ms. Pat Shares Excitement For Season Three Of ‘The Ms. Pat Show’ [Video]

The words raw and uncut fail to encapsulate the audacity of comedian Ms. Pat’s brand of humor.

via: Vibe

As attendees entered the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Ms. Pat walked the red carpet and shared her excitement for season three of The Ms. Pat Show ahead of the 2023 NAACP Image Awards. During the Saturday evening (Feb. 25) conversation with VIBE, the comedian discussed what fans can expect from the newest edition of the comedy series.

“Hilarious, realness. It’s a lot in seasons one and two, but when I tell you this season, the fans are already eating it up,” detailed the 50-year-old talent.”

She jokingly added, “I’m telling you now, you need to watch it with a pantyliner on. That’s all I’m telling you,” before explaining, “It was thrown on us at that last minute, but it’s one of the best seasons we’ve done, that we are proud of.”

The Emmy Award-nominated series is based on Ms. Pat’s stand-up and memoir which explores the story of a former convicted felon turned suburban mom and stand-up comedian. Alongside Ms. Pat, the series stars J. Bernard Calloway, Tami Roman, Theodore Barnes, Briyana Guadalupe, Vince Swann, and Brittany Inge.

“I’m so happy to be a part of Black Hollywood,” she expressed when asked about contributing to the legacy of Black Hollywood. “I’m so glad we’ve got stuff like the NAACP Image Award to celebrate who we are. Because a lot of times as Black people, we get left out and we’re just as good as everybody else. The legacy is the NAACP Image Award, and for us to create stuff for us…I’m happy.”

Catch season three of The Ms. Pat Show on BET and BET+.

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