Memphitz Takes Several Shots at K. Michelle Following Lawsuit Loss, Says Black Women Are Responsible for Destroying Black Men [Photos + Videos]


After his very public defamation lawsuit loss to K. Michelle and Love & Hip Hop producers, the Tennessee native took to Instagram to express his frustrations (we’ve got to stop doing this, y’all).

Hoping to still refute K. Michelle’s claims of abuse, Memphitz shared several clips from her deposition – clips he believes invalidate her abuse claims when compared to old Love & Hip Hop Atlanta footage.

In one clip, Memphitz’s attorney asks K. Michelle if she’s been able to present text messages exposing the alleged abuse to her attorney; she says “No.” In the same clip, K. Michelle is later seen on an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta heatedly saying that she’s kept every text message.

Memphitz then goes on to blame poverty, police and black women for destroying black men. He later backtracks by saying “not all black women.” Of course, he’s since deleted those particular posts.

Check it all out for yourself below.

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