Meek Mill Accuses Wack 100 of Trying to ‘Control’ Younger Gangs |

Meek Mill Accuses Wack 100 of Trying to ‘Control’ Younger Gangs

Meek Mill is once again calling out Wack 100’s alleged shady behavior.

via Complex:

Shortly after receiving the Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award, the rapper took to Twitter to slam the hip-hop manager over his alleged manipulation of younger gang members. Meek then suggested he and Wack hash out their differences by setting up a meeting with other Black figures, including Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Wack 100 tryna keep that manipulative stupid mind frame in tact to control and influence the younger gangs he need protection from and to use,” Meek wrote. “Let’s have a real gangsta meeting in private with farakhan [sic] and other strong Black men and speak as men and stop embarrassing ourself!”

In a subsequent tweet, Meek suggested Wack was trying to “crash the rappers” and halt their success. He also insisted he didn’t want any beef, but made it clear he and others wouldn’t allow anyone to “mess our lives up!”

Meek didn’t provide any details on what inspired him to put Wack on blast; however, the tweets came about a week after Wack and 21 Savage got into a heated exchange over 6ix9ine. 21 slammed Wack for seemingly supporting 6ix9ine, the controversial rapper who cooperated with authorities in his racketeering case. 21 explained he didn’t agree with Wack associating with a “rat,” prompting Wack to threaten 21 with violence.

Meek and Wack got into a similar altercation back in February, when the former nearly came to blows with 6ix9ine in Atlanta.

“The feds sent him to take me out wtf,” Meek said on Instagram after footage of the confrontation was shared online. “[I] had to spit on him so he retreated lol he really waited outside the club for me. I thought I was dreaming wtf we almost smoked him lol he posed a lil threat popping up in the parking lot waiting for me.”

Wack weighed in on the situation soon after, saying the circulating video made Meek look weak. The two exchanged several more shots online, some of which included threats of violence.

Wack has yet to publicly respond to Meek’s latest posts.

Gangs and Feds and the Nation of Islam — there’s just too much going on over in this world.

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