Mase Drops a Diss Song About Cam'ron Called 'The Oracle' [New Music]

Mase woke up on this good Black Friday and decided to drop “The Oracle,” a four-minute diss track aimed at Cam’ron.

We’re not exactly sure why Mase decided to drop the song, but he didn’t hold anything back about Cam and his alleged shady ways.

Check out a few lines from the song:

“Ever since 10 you was a thirst n***a/And I ain’t gone talk about the time you fuck your sister”

“You always play the sucker part/Where was all that Rico shit when you left Jim in Rucker Park?”

“I’m the pretty n***a, wrist litty, sunwear/Diplomat only meaning that you ain’t from here/You had a run here but y’all n***as is done here/All these pretty women and y’all n***as bringing guns here/You way pass the gun line/Every time you talk of me you sound like one time”

“I know you need money I get it/I know your digital sells I know about your digits I know Sony Red don’t want to see your shit distribute/I know it’s crickets so fuck it use my name so they can click it/I made you, I raised you, why would I play you/When you dealing with this power n***a Flex can’t save you”

“Now you can tell Dave East, ASAP Mob whatever you want/The whole hood know I’m the origin”

“Any n***a ever got diplomatic immunity was n***as who ratted/Or wanna snitch on their community”

You can listen to “The Oracle” below.

[via Complex]

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