Mary J. Blige Shares Dream Of Playing Nina Simone In Biopic [Video]

Nina Simone has been played on screen in a biopic before, but Mary J. Blige wants to put her own spin on the “Feeling Good” singer.

via: Vibe

Mary J. Blige has succeeded in multiple television and film roles, however there is one specific story she has her eyes on. As a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the 52-year-old artist expressed her desire to star in a Nina Simone biopic.

“I always wanted to play Nina Simone,” expressed the New York native.

“I want to learn how to play the piano,” she continued. “I love her songs. They are very dark and moody and I can always find a place for that. So yeah, I definitely want to play her.”

According to Rated RnB, as early as 2006, the My Life singer was set to portray Nina Simone, however as years passed, budget issues and delays shifted the project. Zoe Saldana ultimately starred in the 2016 film Nina. In 2020, the actress expressed regret for taking the role.

Elsewhere in the conversation with Colbert, the Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul spoke to the nationally recognized 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop, expressing how the culture has changed the world.

“I think it’s been amazing because Hip Hop has given our culture a voice,” expressed the Grammy Award-winning perfomer. “It’s given everybody a voice and a place to speak their truth to. From JAY-Z to Nas to Biggie, they’re all speaking their truth through music, from Rakim to KRS-One.”

“Everybody is speaking what they’ve lived and what they’ve done through their music and it’s given them some sort of therapy, and that’s what Hip Hop has done and I hope it continues to do that and I hope it stays around for a long time because the new generations are doing the exact same thing.”

Watch the conversation above.

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