Mariah Carey Reportedly in Talks with Apple for 'Magical Christmas Special' Follow-Up with an 'Unlimited' Budget |

Mariah Carey Reportedly in Talks with Apple for ‘Magical Christmas Special’ Follow-Up with an ‘Unlimited’ Budget


Apple is reportedly in talks with Mariah Carey to make a  follow-up to ‘Mariah’s Magical Christmas Special’  which debuted on Apple TV+ earlier this month.

The sequel is set for 2021.

According to The Sun, the special cost £4 million ($5.4 million) and shot quickly to number one in Apple’s charts in over 100 countries.

Because it was such a “runaway hit” for the platform, that Apple execs are looking to create another show next Christmas with an ‘unlimited’ budget.

“No one could have predicted its success and it went to No1 in their charts in over 100 countries,” an insider told the British paper. “Bosses at Apple now want to secure her for another special show next year. Mariah’s team are, of course, completely behind it and everyone is going to do what they can to make it happen.

“They spent over £4million on this year’s show but next year this could go even higher. Apple know the worth of Mariah and are willing to splash the cash to make a follow-up even bigger and better.”

Well, Mariah IS the Queen of Christmas — so it would only make sense that she would return next year for something bigger and better.

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