Lola Brooke Album Party Disrupted by Alleged 'Pepper Spray’ Incident |

Lola Brooke Album Party Disrupted by Alleged ‘Pepper Spray’ Incident

Lola Brooke liberated her debut project, Dennis Daughter. The 12-track effort boasts guest appearances from Latto, Yung Miami, Bryson Tiller, French Montana, and several more.

via: Page Six

Lola celebrated her debut album in NYC this week with a party in Soho.

But excitement turned into chaos when fans thought someone used pepper spray in a VIP section at the bash.

“I was partying in the back having a good time and all of a sudden I could not breathe. My throat started to burn and my eyes teared up,” an attendee told Page Six.

The Brooklyn rapper is known for her hit, “Don’t Play With It.”

At the downtown Manhattan bash, “I think too many people were trying to get to close to her in her VIP section so the situation had to be handled with mace,” an attendee hypothesized.

After the substance was seemingly “sprayed into the air, a lot of people left her section. It was hard to breathe back there,” a source said.

When we reached out for comment, Brooke’s team told us, “We were unaware of that incident.”

The Bed-Stuy rapper (born Shyniece Thomas) had bodyguards with her who escorted her to the venue’s VIP section.

After the alleged spray incident, some partygoers desperately dashed to the bathroom — and to the bar — for water to flush their eyes and throats. But many left the event.

A guest said, “I could not breathe, and had to leave, I could not take it. I honestly don’t know where it came from. One minute everyone was drinking and vibing to her music, the next minute people were coughing, choking and gasping for air. Everybody except Lola though.”

Despite the interruption, the party continued and attendees at the front of the space were not affected.

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