Lil Wayne Slapped With Yet ANOTHER Paternity Suit


Lil Wayne is being accused of fathering another child — and no, it has nothing to do with Christina Milian (for now). 

Weezy allegedly impregnated 30-year-old Keiotia Brown who filed docs in Miami court earlier this month. She’s suing Wayne to establish paternity and court-ordered child support for her 12-year-old son Dwayne Keyshawn Brown.

So, why is she suing now after 12 years? Well, apparently this isn’t the first time she’s approached Lil Wayne about the child.

Back in 2002, Wayne was served with papers filed by the child’s grandmother while he was doing his time in Riker’s Island. He was ordered to take a DNA test then for the 8-year-old, but the judge pushed the DNA test until after he was released. 

It obviously never happened, and now the mother wants to set things right. 

Check out the court documents here

Wayne currently has four known children: Reginae (his child with Toya Carter), Dwyane III (his child with Sarah Vivan), Cameron Cater (his child with Lauren London), and Neal (his child with Nivea).

Christina Milian might want to get out now while she still can…

[via The Jasmine Brand]

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