Lil Duval Gets Called Out for Homophobic Remarks About ‘P-Valley’ by Show’s Co-Executive Producer Patrik-Ian Polk [Photos]

There are plenty of shows that exist on various networks to entertain just about anybody, but Lil Duval took a moment to highlight why he has an issue with P-Valley. The hit STARZ series is centered around a Mississippi strip club and from its inception, it was a fan favorite. However, Duval hit a snag when he saw a scene that rubbed him the wrong way, so he took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

via: Complex

On Wednesday, Duval—who back in 2017 was called out over transphobic comments he made on The Breakfast Club—seemingly referenced the show’s most recent episode “Demethrius,” the writers of which included Polk.

At one point in the episode, and this does indeed qualify as a SPOILER if you’re not caught up on the show, characters Lil Murda and Big Teak are seen having sex. The scene has spurred much discussion, including for—in the words of Vulture’s Ile-Ife Okantah—showing “safe, realistic sex between two men.”

Duval, however, was among those who shared homophobic commentary on the episode.

“Yea p valley lost me,” Duval said. “They need a super gay advisory on movies like they got for everything else. Cuz That’s a lot to see if u not use to it.”

Duval was quickly called out, including with suggestions that—following his logic—films and TV episodes should also carry a “super straight advisory” when depicting hetero couples.

In his own direct response shared later the same day, Polk advised Duval to simply “watching something else.” Per Polk, “the gay ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

Adding to that, Polk also questioned why someone would “feel the need” to share “homophobic nonsense” like this. “We don’t care!” he said.

Speaking more generally amid subsequent tweets, Polk pointed out how “straight” men making such remarks should instead be looking inward, as their own issues have “nothing to do with us or [P-Valley].”

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P-Valley’s next episode debuts on Starz this coming Sunday.

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