Lauren London Signs Off on Nipsey Hussle’s Brother's Final Accounting Report in Court, Son Kross Set to Receive $5 Million+ |

Lauren London Signs Off on Nipsey Hussle’s Brother’s Final Accounting Report in Court, Son Kross Set to Receive $5 Million+

Hussle’s kids, son Kross, 7, and daughter Emani, 14, are his two sole beneficiaries after his death in March 2019.

via: Radar Online

Lauren London approved the final accounting report submitted in court by Nipsey Hussle’s brother Sam — which will provide over $5 million to the son she had with the late rapper.

According to court documents obtained by, lawyers for London informed the court that Nipsey’s girlfriend, and guardian of their son Kross, consented to the judge signing off on the report.

Nipsey died on March 31, 2019. He left behind his son Kross and a daughter named Emani, who he had with his ex-Tanisha Foster.

After his death, Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam was appointed the administrator of the musician’s estate. For the past 4 years, Sam worked to handle all creditor’s claims and figure out the amount that Nipsey’s children would inherit.

As we first reported, Sam submitted his final accounting report in the probate case earlier this year. He said all financial matters had been resolved and all debts paid.

In the report, Sam provided a list of assets that Kross and Emani would be awarded. The late rapper’s property and assets totaled $11 million. His children would be paid around $5.6 million each after legal fees and other costs were paid.

The children would continue to receive payments as the estate pulled in money. As we previously reported, Sam and his family members are co-guardians of Emani. They claimed the teen’s mother was unfit to serve as guardian.

The family and Tanisha are still fighting in court. Tanisha has been unsuccessful in her attempts to terminate the guardianship of Emani.

Tanisha claimed in court that her and Nipsey were on good terms at the time of his death. She claimed they shared custody, but Nispey took care of their bills because of his “far superior economic powers.”

Tanisha admitted she agreed to the guardianship in 2019 but said it was no longer needed.

She said she initially agreed to the deal because of her “financial limitations” but said Nipsey’s family had not acted in Emani’s best interests.

Tanisha demanded custody be reinstated. She argued the co-guardians “demonstrated a disdain for” her in “favor of Lauren London” and “such attitude may impact the ability of the [family] to carry out their fiduciary duties as guardian of the estate of Emani.”

The court ruled the family will serve as Emani’s guardians but the battle has yet to be fully resolved in court.

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