Latto Responds to Criticism Over Working With Underground Artists: ‘I Was an 'Unknown Artist' Before’ |

Latto Responds to Criticism Over Working With Underground Artists: ‘I Was an ‘Unknown Artist’ Before’

Latto is one of the biggest names in female rap right now, but there was a time when she struggled getting her name out there — and she’s not afraid to remind everyone.

via Complex:

On Monday, footage began to circulate of the rapper with upcoming artist Anycia previewing a new track presumably called “Back Outside.” It eventually caught the attention of a Latto fan, who seemed to be concerned about the number of collaborations she’s doing with lesser known artists.

“girl we love you but you need to stop doing collabs with these unknown artists enough is enough, as fans we want to see you win and this will get you nowhere and a latto feature is losing its value. no more babydrills, luh tylers and whoever this is next era please ” wrote the fan on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The 25-year-old rapper responded to the fan on Tuesday, writing, “Y’all be getting besides y’all self..Shawty from the south side & she hard af Idc bout allat. I was an ‘unknown artist’ before and mfs acted too big for me. Stream when we drop ?”

Anycia also responded to the matter on her X account writing, “cuz stop playin! BACK OUTSIDE dropping next month! tap in or TAP TF OUT! <3 love u down.”

“that’s why mfs be broke now…worried bout the wrong shit,” she continued in a separate tweet. “bruh oml…..the fact that mfs is THIS mad ab me doing a song with latto is C R A Z Y. lma0000000000”

Anycia is on the rise and making big moves on her own, as she’s set to take the stage at Rolling Loud California in 2024.

Latto has had a few major collaborations, including Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled for the “Big Energy” remix. In June, she released “Put It On Da Floor Again” with Cardi B. Latto also became the first rapper in 2023 to reach the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when she was a guest on “Seven” with Jung Kook from BTS.

Latto’s always been a real one.

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