Latto Cops To Plastic Surgery But Warns Women Off Overdoing It: 'It's Not A Permanent Fix' [Video]

“Big Energy” hitmaker Latto sits down with her sister, Brooklyn Nikole, to talk about cosmetic surgery and other topics.

via: HipHopDX

On Thursday (April 27), the rapper’s sister Brooklyn Nikole appeared as a guest on her Apple Music 1 777 Radio show, and remarked that Latto was looking good despite her recent plastic surgery.

“Because a bitch be looking natural,” the “Big Energy” rapper replied. “Because this one thing about it, if you going to do it, do it right. I’m going to do it right. I did it right. For a girl who have little tweaky tweaks, I be on your case about not touching nothing.”

Brooklyn Nikole then mused that people who get plastic surgery often encourage others to get it as well — whereas Latto was giving the opposite advice.

“I’m telling you. I’m telling you to all the young girls listening, all the women listening right now,” she replied. “I’m telling you from someone who’s been there, done it, find peace within your natural state. Because you’re going to find a flaw and another flaw and another flaw and another flaw. Surgery, any of that stuff is not a permanent fix.”

She continued: “I’m a very much advocate for women in general. Surgery, natural, whatever. However you want to play it, just make sure that’s what you comfortable with, but I just think surgery is so popular now. That’s the most thing I be trying to remind you of. Don’t be so gullible for the social media traps and whatever, because you never going to be good enough for the outsider’s eye.”

While Latto copped to having some plastic surgery, she recently had to deny that she got butt implants after a viral photo showed the Atlanta rapper twerking.

The photo in question was posted on Twitter on Saturday (April 22) among a slew of others by the Atlanta rapper, where she wrote: “Back on the road.”

One critic was quick to troll her for the butt pic, writing: “First pic the implants are so visible.”

“Just a bbl mid-clap,” Latto replied.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks trolls have come for Latto. She clapped back at critics last week who accused her of photoshopping her Coachella crowd, and said she just “expanded” the original photo.

Eagle-eyed trolls noted Latto’s dual photos on social media, which included double images of certain crowd attendees, implying that Latto may have altered the photo.

“Never photoshopped a crowd lmao,” she wrote on her since-deleted Instagram Stories. “I expanded it so it would fit in my Instagram swipe without getting cut off but it was clearly fucked up so I didn’t end up using it & just posted the wrong version by accident on Twitter babes.”

She then tweeted a video from her set and wrote: “Haters will say it’s photoshopped :/”

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