Kris Jenner Speaks on Jay Z & Beyoncé's Wedding Snub: 'It was the last thing on anyone's mind'


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s wedding went off without a hitch — except for the fact that two very famous friends decided not to attend.

We were all somewhat surprised that Beyoncé and Jay Z opted not to attend, but Kris Jenner says that it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

In an interview with Australian radio station KIIS 106.5 FM’s breakfast show on Tuesday, Kris Jenner said that it ‘was the last thing on anyone’s mind.’

‘There was so much commotion and excitement, I never really gave that a second thought,’ she told the show’s hosts Kyle and Jackie O when asked about the famous couple’s no-show. 

She went on to say that Beyonce and Jay Z had indeed passed on their wishes to Kim and Kanye and she herself had ‘just assumed they were working.’

We’d love to hear how Kim and Kanye felt — do you think they were bothered?

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